Monday, July 9, 2018


Welcome once again to my blog. I have not maintained this thing quite as well as I should- and now that all of these media platforms have been compromised by partisan forces, I am forced to go back to posting and sharing through this site, because I loathe the idea of directing anyone towards youtube ever again- it's turned into a place for white nationalist bullshit advertisers to send out their muddled noisemaking messages that I want NO part of. So please subscribe here and I will be updating things daily. Thanks!

Monday, February 1, 2016

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Ambition is a funny thing. It brings many too their knees, many more to their breaking point, and some success, glory, and the key to some sort of ego dream to others. In the vast terms of the entertainment world, success is all that matters, for it allows you to obtain more, which allows you to obtain more; a vicious cycle of nervous needs that has plagued many who have been cursed with the compulsion to create. In these modern times a desperate energy has taken hold, a fame drive straight to the heart of recalling something that could never be again, failing to appreciate and accept all that stands in present form in relation to the past, answering the original, emotional pull, adding to the dialogue, rather than merely aping and raping it. However, once this process is put into place, what is one left with in it's stead? The content then becomes king, upon which all will be revealed as to the true heart of any art- the substantive evidence that puts you into the thing itself. As for ROCK music these days, the homogenized, wet dishrag of digital distortion has gripped every style of music, cleaning up and cutting away the coarser, nastier efforts that truly answered the human soul. If you're gonna be slick, you better bring it- hard down the center and in service to saying something more than a reactionary response to shit nobody knows or cares what you are crying about, since most of your sadly misdirected, archaic, borrowed musical pouts can't compete with the more modern sounds of everything. You just can't keep up, and cannot compete. And so many cannot find any place in between to stay, their high road so high, indignation so self righteous, they know not how to handle the barrage of the Now politic- young men dying to be old in a place they think they know, but never will. Good luck to all involved, and remember to pay your publicist......