Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Yes kids, ISSUE #23 has arrived, fresh from the fine folks over at Charlie Chan Printing- this issue is a power packed episode full of the great things that make my mind spin- those things only myself and a handful of other crazies can comprehend all at once. Are you one of those? I feel there are more of us than the world knows, so let us unite in our aspiration to discover things that may or may not titillate your senses, shock your soul, or just plain make you giggle with delight. This particular issue comes with 2 CDs- One of my more fabulous mixes of excellent songs from punk to soul to country to glitter to cock rock, and a second CD of my own sonic works, a collection from the previous 10 years, much of which I am obnoxiously proud of. In addition, the first 10 orders will receive a free copy of the newly launched TRASH TV! A DVD of visual delights (akin to that great show NIGHTFLIGHT, from days of yore) in conjunction with the zine's theme of across the board madness. The price reflects rising postage costs, sadly- but if you request it direct from the Amoeba Music Web site, you can order it with free (only in the USA is it free shipping) shipping - at www.amoeba.com. So come on now and support some free thinking, idiosyncratic exploitation. Have some fun, you deserve it.