Sunday, April 8, 2012

JOHN DERBYSHIRE: A Character Study.

I feel it is important to get a clear, concise, visual picture of just who John Derbyshire of The National Review is- as Prudence Pingleton from the movie Hairspray. This scene should best describe the emotional effect black people must have on Mr. Derbyshire for him to write such a careless, sad, fearful screed. I think this scene nails the tone of his article completely.


Today we examine the upcoming hype on a band called Alabama Shakes. A band that has been getting buzz for some time now, many a rock fan just dying to get their hands on this thing. This lead single is extremely characteristic of the entire CD- slow, gritty, blues infected soul music, played with average affection by indie rockers (i.e. more strident and literal than swinging and physical). If not for the singer, this band would have nothing very interesting to offer, sans the guitar player's ease in copying standard southern style soul riffs. It all comes on a bit bland- the record tends to drag about mid way through, and the songs don't carry much weight beyond the basics of what it projects. That being said, it is also a nice, solid, consistent affair that should entertain on a beautiful Sunday morning before you launch into the day. I like em' just enough. In the end- it really is about how much her voice grabs you, keeps you, how deeply it affects your sense of interest.